Treatment Info

Treatment Info

Many people think that one treatment can solve all pest problems. But, unfortunately that’s not how it works for pest control treatments.

And here we provide complete information to clarify so you can understand how this treatment actually works.

Pest control treatment basically needs to be done continuously. Why is that? Because mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants and rats can come from anywhere and can easily enter your home even after the first pest control treatment has been carried out.

This really can happen especially if you live in an area with high pest levels.

Forests, shrubs, rice fields, rivers, and densely populated slums are places with high levels of pests. So, if you live around these places, it is certain that pests will easily enter your home.

You can prevent pests from entering your home by making sure there are no holes or gaps for pests to enter. However, you still need to protect the outside area because pests can fly or crawl and enter easily.

This is why pest control treatments need to be carried out continuously from 2x – 4x a month to help you effectively control and minimize pest populations. Continuous treatment can control pest populations stably and can suppress pest populations to the lowest level.

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Thank you.

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