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Bed bugs can hide very well, even in places you might not expect them. They are also very resistant to most of the chemicals sold in the market.


If you have bed bugs at home, the most effective way to get rid of them is to call Geotermix to carry out special treatment in your home. A complete care solution from our bed bug control service can really help you solve this problem as soon as possible.


Our trained service technicians fully understand how to perform bed bugs treatment from identifying bed bugs spots correctly to providing you with guaranteed services to ensure that your home or business is filled with long-term protection.

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Bed Bug

About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are usually found in bedrooms. They like to hide in the crevices of walls and bed frames, mattresses, sofas, electric switches, picture frames, and other wood materials in the bedroom.


Bed bug infestations can multiply very quickly as a female bed bug can lay an average of 5 eggs every day and can survive up to 1 year without a meal.


Bed bugs can hide very well, even in places you might not expect. They are also very resistant to pesticides and chemicals that you might be able to buy at the market.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs treatment requires special equipment and pesticides. These equipment and pesticides are special products designed to eliminate bed bugs which are best handled by pest control specialists.


The benefits of using Geotermix bed bug control that you will get:


  • Proper inspection in potential places for bed bugs hiding.
  • Effective treatment using special pesticides for bed bugs.
  • Effective recommendations to prevent re-infestation of bed bugs.
  • Long-term guarantee services for your home or business.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

There are a few tips that you can try to prevent bed bugs, especially if you are a frequent traveler.


  • Check all your beds, under the mattress, around the bed frames and headboards. Look for signs of bed bugs such as; blood stains or small black dots that look like mold.
  • Wash and dry your clothes at the highest possible temperature and put your luggage/suitcase in the sun and away from the house for several days to help eradicate all bed bugs once you get home after traveling.
  • Vacuum your bed, then clean the vacuum to avoid transferring eggs and bed bugs to other rooms.

Further Notice

DIY Bed Bugs Control can be very challenging for you to do when you have found a bed bug infestation on your premises. The ability of bed bugs that can hide very well even in the very small spots that you might not expect can make it difficult for you when you take your own elimination actions.

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