Here’s what you need to know about flies

Flies are easily attracted to smelly raw meat and fish, trash cans, animal waste dumps, greasy floors, and dirty drains.


Understanding what attracts flies will help you figure out how to keep your home clean so you can effectively prevent flies from entering your home.


However, if you feel that there are still a lot of flies in your home even after you have cleaned the bins, floors, drains and stored raw meat and fish in the refrigerator, you can contact Geotermix to help you.

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How to get rid of flies?

Here are the steps to get rid of flies:


  • Sanitation – First, you need to do sanitation such as doing house cleaning to prevent flies from nesting in the house.
  • Natural Ways – The second step, use natural methods such as planting plants to repel flies.
  • Fly Trap – The third step, use electric fly traps as an alternative to pesticide spray.
  • Organic Liquid Spray – The fourth step, use an organic liquid spray if flies are still a lot in your home.
  • Chemical Treatment – The last step, you can use a chemical treatment from Geotermix if you think the above method is not optimal.



How to prevent flies?

Here are the best sanitations you can try to repel flies:


  • Cleaning – Clean the trash can every day, and use a trash can with a lid to prevent flies from breeding in it. Mop floors and wipe tables clean and fragrant, especially in kitchens and restaurants.
  • Store Your Food – Store raw fish, meat, and other smelly foods in food containers or the refrigerator.
  • Cover Your Drains – Make sure your drains are clean and well covered.



What plants can repel flies?

These are herbs that you can plant in your garden to repel flies:


  • Basil
  • Marigolds
  • Lavender
  • Bay leaf
  • Catnip



How to get rid of flies using traps?

  • Install insect nets or plastic curtains on windows and doors to prevent flies from entering.
  • Install electric fly traps to minimize fly infestations.


You can contact Geotermix to order an electric fly trap 0821-4406-4599*



Is there an organic pesticide to spray the flies?

To provide you with a safer chemical treatment, we provide pest treatment services using an organic liquid made from neem oil. Reporting from The Spruce, Tuesday (12/15/2020), neem oil is oil taken from the seeds obtained from the neem tree or Azadirachta indica. Not only is it used as a natural insect repellent, neem oil is also used in the health and cosmetic industries.


You can contact Geotermix today to schedule an organic pest treatment at your home or workplace 0821-4406-4599*



What are the benefits of monthly treatment?

Benefits you will get from monthly fly treatment:


  • Treatments to reduce and control fly populations
  • Intensive monitoring of fly breeding sites
  • Daily fly control using electric fly trap
  • Effective recommendations to minimize the risk of fly infestation
  • Continuous treatment results can minimize the fly population at low levels



Further Notice

If you decide to contact us to help you get rid of flies with chemical treatments, then the first thing we do is tell you about how these chemical treatments work so you can understand them fully. Chemical treatment is the last option that you can choose as a step to deal with flies in conditions where the nest or source of flies in your environment cannot be removed. Pesticides are not the main way to deal with pests. Pesticides should be used as a last resort and in very minimal amounts for a high level of safety. The chemical treatment is intended to minimize the fly population. It should be done monthly for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and even more to get maximum results. You can also choose to use our recommended sanitation methods for controlling flies as an additional method to minimize chemical treatments.



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