Rats and Mice


Here’s what you need to know about rats and mice

Rats and mice generally have habitats in places such as forests, vacant land, rice fields, rivers, shrubs, and sometimes you can find them in your home.


So have you ever wondered how they can enter your home? – Rats and mice can enter your home through cracks and holes and even make new holes in ceilings, walls, windows, doors and furniture so they can even make nests on your roof or in your pile of stuff.


From this information, you can understand that where is the habitat of rats and mice and how do they enter your home, then you can find out effective ways to deal with them. Or if you want an alternative solution such as using pest control services, then you can contact Geotermix to help you get rid of rats and mice today.

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How to Prevent Rats and Mice?

Here are some tips you can do to prevent rats and mice:


  • Manage Your Garbage – Collect leftovers and put them in a plastic bag, then tie the plastic bag tightly, and make sure you throw it in a trash can with a lid.
  • Store Your Food – Store food in safe places such as cupboards and refrigerators. Make sure the food storage has no holes to prevent rats from getting in.
  • Clean Your Used Items – Remove piles of used items such as wood and stone, electronic equipment, and other household furniture in any area of your home to prevent rats from nesting in the area.
  • Seal holes and crevices – Seal all holes and crevices in the house to prevent rats from entering the interior of the house.



How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice?

Having a monthly pest control service to get rid of rats and mice in your home or business is the best action that you can take to quickly solve your rat and mouse problem. Here is the benefits you will get from monthly rats and mice treatment:


  • Treatments to reduce and control the population
  • Intensive monitoring of rat and mouse breeding sites
  • Complete identification of rat and mouse access into your premises
  • Effective recommendations to minimize the risk of a re-infestation
  • Continuous treatment results can minimize the rat and mice population at a low level



Further Notice

Rat glue boards, cages, bait boxes, and poisons are the most effective solution in controlling rats and mice by pest control specialists. With proper placement, monitoring, and maintenance, a rat and mouse infestation can be briefly controlled. This treatment should be done every month for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or even more to get maximum results.

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