Eco-Solution is a program created by Geotermix to help more people understand the concept of pest control by implementing hygiene and sanitation to minimize the use of pesticides.

How does it work? If you want to deal with pests without using insecticides, here’s how we can help you with the Eco-Solution program.

First, we will come to visit your home for further consultation with you, then we proceed to inspect your entire environment and provide you with information about the location of pest sources in your neighborhood. Finally, we will tell you effective ways to deal with the source of the pest based on our experience, so that you can protect your home safely without resorting to insecticide services.

You can get all these services by ordering Eco-Solution Program from Geotermix. Our team of experts will be very happy to assist you in implementing this program. We also have an Eco-Friendly Treatment program which is still carried out by spraying pesticides, but in this program we use natural pesticides and equipment without gasoline or diesel so this can be a completely eco-friendly solution for you.

Call us today to schedule an Eco-Solution Program or an Eco-Friendly Treatment at your home or business 0821-4406-4599*

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