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We provide the best termite control services in Bali

Geotermix Termite Control Bali will provide you with a service that has been proven to be effective using the termite injection method.


This method has proven effective for controlling subterranean termite populations over the years as a treatment for existing termite problems or as a repellent to keep termites away.


In addition, we also provide a termite bait system method if you want an alternative to the termite injection method. Contact us today for a termite treatment.

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Termite Control

Termite Spray and Injection

Termite spray and injection works by applying chemical protection around the building area to form a barrier between the soil and the structure. Treatment is carried out by injecting termiticide into the soil, especially in the potential area of ​​termite mud tubes that usually appear.


Termiticides will spread around the building and termite workers will be exposed when approaching the building. One exposed termite can pass termiticidal fluid to other termites through physical contact and eating. As this process continues, the termite colony population will decrease significantly.


You can also choose this method as an anticipatory treatment before termites appear in your home or workplace.

Termite Bait System

Termite Bait System is a reliable and non-invasive environmentally friendly protection method against termite attacks by using Termite Station Box equipment called Above Ground Bait Station and In-Ground Bait Station without drilling the building structure.


How does the Termite Bait System work to protect your building? – Above Ground Bait Stations and In-Ground Bait Stations function as active bait that will attract termites to the bait.


Then the termites will carry the poisonous bait into the soil where the termite colony is nesting to be fed to other termites. With this continuous process, this method will significantly eliminate termite colonies that are underground.

Termite Warranty Service

Termite Control Services from Geotermix has been proven to be effective in protecting buildings from termites infestations for years, in an effort to provide you with the best service, we provide a long-term protection guarantee of up to 5 years based on agreed procedures.

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